U.S. Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator Outlines Action Plan for Uganda

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Eric Goosby, MD, head of the U.S. government Office for Global AIDS, posted a blog on July 13 that outlines his recent trip to Uganda and highlights actions underway to ensure that treatment scale-up continues in that African nation.

The blog post and its outlined actions would appear to be a response to concerns raised by Ugandan clinicians and treatment advocates about shortfalls in resources to continue treatment scale-up. He also seems to respond to guidance from PEPFAR country teams to PEPFAR ART providers that are curtailing treatment access, unless a treatment slot becomes available when a patient receiving ART either dies or is lost to follow up.  Among other measures, the U.S. will send $35 million to Uganda to continue adding patients to the treatment rolls and has also persuaded UNITAID to delay transfer of their financial responsibility for pediatric AIDS patients on treatment to PEPFAR until 2011. The U.S. also plans to work more closely with the Global Fund to achieve efficient and coordinated services and continues to press the Ugandan government to make real financial commitments to respond to its AIDS epidemic.

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