IDSA Announces New Opportunity with Accordia Global Health Foundation’s Professor in Residence Program

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The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) now has a new opportunity for members interested in global health!

The Accordia Global Health Foundation’s Professor in Residence Program (PIR) is currently recruiting PIR for the 2011 calendar year, with limited assignments also available in 2010. The program aims to improve medical education in Africa through advanced training and targeted mentorship. Accordia developed and implemented the program nearly ten years ago in response to the well-documented shortage of adequate faculty and staff at Africa’s existing medical schools, which limits the essential generation of new doctors and other healthcare professionals to address the health crises in Africa. The program is designed to supplement and support permanent faculty at Accordia’s partner institutes in Africa, enhancing their ability to develop world class clinicians, teachers and researchers.

PIR take two- to four-week tours annually as guest faculty to lecture, train, and supervise local scholars and clinicians, adding an essential new component to their professional development. PIR make long-term commitments and stay engaged throughout the year, allowing valuable international mentorship relationships to develop with the local students and faculty. The strong impact that these well-planned assignments have on African students, faculty, and staff make the program an essential component of Accordia Global Health Foundation’s approach to strengthening academic medical institutions in Africa and ultimately improving local healthcare leadership capacity.

IDSA members are now eligible to apply! To learn more about becoming a PIR, please visit read the IDSA PIR Website Announcement.

Accordia also will be hosting an informational and networking meeting at the IDSA 2010 Annual Meeting in Vancouver on October 23rd from 4pm-5:30pm at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. To RSVP please email

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