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The Center for Global Development’s Nandini Oomman has a new report, “Zeroing In: AIDS Donors and Africa’s Health Workforce.” The report looks at how global AIDS’ donors have impacted the strength of the health workforce in Africa. CGD’s blog has both a post and audio “wonkcast” on the report.

Change.org’s Global Poverty Blog is doing a series on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in advance of the upcoming summit in New York. They aim to “provide in-depth analysis of each of the MDGs, their progress and their shortcomings.”

The ONE blog is also starting their coverage of the UN Summit on the MDGs with a report on the power of women to determine Africa’s future. From the cover of the report:

There are currently 168 million women active in sub-Saharan African economies. This number is expected to grow by nearly one-third over the next 10 years.

Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog posted a great list of global health blogs yesterday. I absolutely recommend taking a look.

This week, scientists published their discovery that the precursor to HIV existed in monkeys and apes for 32,000 years – far longer than previously thought. Earlier estimates put the age at a few hundred years. The New York Times story has more.

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