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Medicines Patent Pool launches searchable patent status database

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The Medicines Patent Pool launched a new resource this week – a database with searchable patent information on 23 antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, including some pipeline products, in 67 countries. Developed in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization and 29 national and regional patent offices, making information on who is legally able to manufacture or […]

Expert panel says world TB crisis is far from over

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“Taking medication is not easy. The pills taste bad and they make my stomach upset. After I take them, I don’t like anyone to talk to me. It takes a while before I feel better. I know it is my obligation and responsibility, but how much longer must I take them?”

Those are the words of a nine-year-old multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) patient who passed away shortly thereafter, becoming one of 250,000 children around the world who die of TB every year. They were relayed by Rachel Orduño, a TB patient advocate with The TB Photovoice Project, at a briefing entitled “Accelerating Progress to Combat TB: Innovation and Partnership,”… (Read More)