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Evidence mounts against use of antibody-based blood tests to detect active TB

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Two articles that went live on the PLoS Medicine journal website Tuesday afternoon further explain the reasoning behind the World Health Organization’s (WHO) July 20th statement urging countries to ban blood tests for active tuberculosis (TB) and instead rely on accurate microbiological or molecular tests, as they recommend. Originally thought to be a small problem confined to few countries, further research has found that the inaccurate and unapproved blood tests for active TB are much more widely used, making the potential risk of false negatives and false positives much higher than anticipated. Moreover, the tests are not cost-effective as compared to other available TB tests…

Cepheid fares well with sales of rapid TB test in developing countries

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Producer of the rapid TB diagnostic GeneXpert, Cepheid recently announced its 2011 second quarter profits in an earnings report and subsequent public conference call. Revenues for the quarter reached $67 million, an increase of 11 percent from the previous quarter and 35 percent from the second quarter of 2010. Cepheid is now projecting revenues of $265 to $270 million for all of 2011, $15 to $20 million above its previous projections…