WHO posts FAQ on Totally Drug Resistant TB; Advances in diagnosing pulmonary TB in kids; and more…

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The following is a compilation of recent articles and releases making headlines in HIV, TB and global health news.

WHO releases FAQ on “Totally Drug Resistant” TB: The World Health Organization (WHO) posted a frequently asked questions (FAQ) on tuberculosis that is “resistant to all drugs” on its website last week. This follows recent reports of at least a dozen cases of the TB strain in Mumbai, India. The FAQ addresses how totally drug resistant TB is defined, whether the term and definition are recognized by the WHO, and what measures will be taken to address it.

Study looks at distribution of antiretrovirals using intravaginal rings: An article published January 4 in the journal AIDS, entitled “Tenofovir and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate pharmacokinetics from intravaginal rings,” compares the distribution of the antiretroviral drug tenofovir with the disoproxil fumarate prodrug in vaginal rings in sheep. Two groups of four sheep were studied over 28 days, and researchers found that concentrations of drug in the tissue were 86-fold higher in the group receiving the prodrug. Researchers anticipate the study will have implications on the development of future pre-exposure prophylaxis strategies.

Human Rights Considerations in Addressing HIV among Men who Have Sex with Men: This technical brief developed by AIDSTAR-ONE looks at practical approaches and program examples to support integration of human rights into HIV programming for men who have sex with men (MSM). The document also offers a list of program resources, an overview of U.S. policies and commitments to MSM and human rights, and tools for developing and monitoring HIV programs for MSM.

Advances in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary TB in HIV-Infected and HIV-uninfected Children: This article from The Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID) reviews recent developments in tuberculosis diagnostics and how these can be applied to children in areas with high TB incidence.  The review discusses various diagnostic methods, including clinical and radiological diagnosis, microbiologic confirmation of disease by culture, and alternative testing methods such as the GeneXpert MTB-RIF.  The article is part of a JID supplement entitled, “Tuberculosis Diagnostics: Challenges, Logistics and New Developments.”

“Sex Work in Asia: Health, Agency and Sexuality”: Another recent supplement to The Journal of Infectious Diseases, this was published December 1 and is a compilation of seven articles looking at sex workers in Asia, their clients, HIV, violence and police-related experiences, sex trafficking, alcohol use and a host of other factors affecting that population.

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