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HIV/AIDS funding reality check: Tanzanias of the world can’t do it alone

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In Tanzania, an east African country home to 46.2 million people where the national HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is 5.7 percent, the domestic HIV/AIDS response accounts for 10 percent of the national budget, or about $20 million per year. Sixty-five percent of government funding finances antiretroviral therapy (ART). Still, there is a gap of financing of […]

The future of the AIDS response: A fragile affair

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“The 1,200 wealthiest people in the world have about $4.2 trillion in wealth,” said Kent Buse, a senior advisor on policy and strategy at UNAIDS. If that super elite group contributed 0.1 percent of their wealth, he said, it would pay for all of global health. Buse opened what was a sobering discussion about the […]