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Agreement on HIV-blindness medicine hoped to increase treatment, diagnosis — and add to understanding of late ARV access impact

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Faded from memory in developed countries since the advent of antiretroviral treatment, and under-diagnosed in low- and middle-income countries where treatment has remained out of reach for many, cytomegalovirus retinitis, the disease that causes HIV-related blindness, has been called the neglected opportunistic infection of the AIDS pandemic. A recently released study suggests the scope of […]

Study finds more asymptomatic HIV patients staying in care than estimated; mortality of those untreated “not unsubstantial”

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A study released this week examining the outcomes of Ugandan patients considered “lost to follow-up” counters a widely held assumption that people entering care for HIV while still relatively healthy are not sufficiently motivated to follow medical directions and to remain in care. The study was released this week by Clinical Infectious Diseases with the self-explanatory […]