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With MDR, XDR TB growing, risk response needed for students, researchers, healthworkers, ASTMH 2013 Conference speakers say

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Dr. Edward Nardell of Harvard Medical School was sitting in his office one day when a student called to ask if he had any advice on how to avoid contracting drug-resistant tuberculosis. The student was heading to KwaZulu Natal, where rates of drug-resistant tuberculosis are among the highest in the world, and where the student’s […]

TB treatment advocates to Sanofi pharmaceutical company on drug price: “We cry enough!”

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A little more than four months ago, a collection of organizations and individuals concerned with the high price of rifapentine, a drug that could treat tuberculosis more quickly than other drugs, and also treat TB infection before it caused illness, wrote to Sanofi, the company that makes the medicine. Noting that government funding that had […]

A TB vaccine? GHIT Fund eyes that prize, and more as public private partnership takes off

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What does it take to move research from recognition of need to realization? Increasingly, in a funding landscape that has seen an actual decline in dollars to develop new tools for tuberculosis along with other diseases, the answer has been public-private partnerships. The most recent prominent example is the Global Health Innovative Technology — GHIT […]