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With Uganda anti-gay bill alive, clinicians, researchers seek to answer President Museveni’s questions on science, homosexuality

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When Uganda President Yoweri Museveni considered the latest version of an “anti-homosexuality bill” the nation’s parliament passed just before Christmas, he had, as the cliche has it,  more questions than answers. Some of his questions concerned the correctness of the parliamentary procedure with which the bill was passed, some with how much, or how little, […]

PrEP should be looked at as “critical component” to address HIV among men who have sex with men, review concludes

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In a “truly watershed period for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender rights and freedoms,” in the global north, the few prevention methods that work for men who have sex with men need to rapidly be taken to scale, particularly pre-exposure prophylaxis, Dr. Chris Beyrer writes in a new piece published in Current Opinions in Infectious […]