Senators call on White House for bold TB Action Plan

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TBActionPlanWith the deadline for submitting a national action plan to combat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis quickly approaching, a group of Senators has sent a letter to the White House applauding the Obama Administration on taking steps to combat the disease that kills more than 4,000 people every day.

The plan – due to the White House on September 1 – will place 360,000 MDR-TB patients on treatment over five years, according to Administration officials at a meeting with global TB stakeholders in July.

“The National Action Plan should have bold targets for scaling up services for addressing drug-resistant TB in the U.S. and abroad,” the letter reads. “It should have an aggressive research agenda, and it must include a strong means of independently assessing progress. Including tangible, specific actions for domestic and international preparedness, innovation and response is critical.”

“Given the public health emergency of drug resistant TB, the National Action Plan should articulate any additional resources that are required to implement each element, beginning in fiscal year 2017,” the letter reads. The Obama Administration has been proposing a 19 percent cut to the USAID TB program over the past several years.

Signers include Sen. Barbara Boxer, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Senator Bob Menendez and Senator Chris Coons, among others. Click here to read the letter and click here to read a blog post from RESULTS about the letter.

Click here to read the Center for Global Health Policy’s latest briefing paper on the need for TB research and development.

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