Mozambique: Our report on an HIV treatment pivot examines what can happen Right Now

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RightNowCenter for Global Health Policy visits responses in Mozambique and reports in Right Now: Observations on an HIV treatment pivot Mozambique August 2015

With the advent of the third iteration of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, new research and guidelines added new urgency, exemplified when calls for “the right things in the right places at the right time,” changed to a recognition that the “right time” is “right now.” That recognition, with the need it brought to redistribute static supplies of resources and funding to places of greatest need, is referred to in PEPFAR circles as “the pivot.”

To see how that was working in a country where scarce resources already were stretched amid a delayed donor response to a widespread HIV epidemic, we traveled to Mozambique in August 2015 visiting U.S.-funded programs in rural and urban settings, as well as participants in the country’s long-standing civil society responses.

We saw much to be encouraged and inspired by, particularly in programs making the most of international and local resources with collaborations that built research capacities, sustainable health care, skills and economic independence. We saw comprehensive responses to HIV, tuberculosis and to parent to child HIV transmission. We saw recognition of the need to reach populations marginalized by laws and bias.

We also saw opportunities yet to be fully realized, in the willingness and knowledge of those most affected by Mozambique’s HIV epidemic that could inform and accelerate efforts and take responses to their next, most effective, and most lasting impacts. And we saw the need for local strengths to continue to be incorporated and maximized to ensure that responses are relevant. We saw gaps, in programs of questionable effectiveness, including in a program for people who earn income through sex work, and in continuing shortfalls in the most basic necessities of care, including adequate food and nutrition.

All of what we saw impressed us with the urgency that the realities of Mozambique’s epidemic be recognized and met, right now. The particulars are detailed in our just released report, Right Now: Observations on an HIV treatment pivot. We hope you’ll have a look and let us know what you think.


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