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CROI 2016: Vaginal microbicide ring protects against HIV some of the time, among women who use it, some of the time . . .

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Results of multinational trials echo some of the findings of earlier ARV-based prevention trials among women in Southern Africa The headline of a press release announcing the results of the ASPIRE study tells a familiar enough story that, but for the numbers, the rest is easy to guess. “Vaginal Ring Provides Partial Protection from HIV in […]

How attention to privacy supports continuity of care in Swaziland: Confidential, complete HIV care through better health information systems

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The following is a guest post by Sam Wambugu, of MEASURE Evaluation In the United States, electronic medical records have removed the tedium of filling out replicate health forms at every doctor visit. But now the same is true for low- and middle-income countries like Swaziland in southeastern Africa where MEASURE Evaluation, a USAID-funded global […]