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In point of care testing, quality counts

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In places where rates of diseases that include malaria, HIV and tuberculosis are highest, the obstacles to tackling them begin with diagnosis. While the people most affected are likeliest to live on the edges of a city or in more remote rural areas, a recent edition of African Journal of Laboratory Medicine notes, most diagnostic […]

HIV viral load testing capacities progress, require global support, multiple partners to reach 90-90-90 goals

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Four of seven sub-Saharan African countries followed by researchers over the last year and a half now can track the effectiveness of HIV treatment among all patients receiving it with tests to measure the levels of virus in their bodies at least once a year, according to an update in last week’s Centers for Disease […]

World AIDS Day: We’re reading about history, progress, gaps, and the costs of inequities

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The Timeline of HIV/AIDS, first posted in 2011 and updated since, is  a good place to go for a look at the winding path of recognition and response to HIV. From the announcement of the “Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals” to the formation of the first community based response of the Gay Men’s […]