An affirmation on the way to AIDS 2018: Much has changed, not enough, and some for the worse

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In calls for improved inclusiveness, evidence-based expenditures, and people-based policies, screeds released in advance of International AIDS Conferences tend to echo those of the year before, holding, if not advancing, established intentions. This year’s, an “affirmation,” rather than a “declaration” seems to acknowledge that in its title, but it also notes significant changes — in access to pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV infection, in acceptance that an undetectable virus is untransmittable, in streamlined access to antiretroviral treatment, and in continued scientific strides, that offer the chance to grasp tangible, immediate gains that were out of reach two years ago. It also notes the other changes — in an expanded global gag rule, in lessened leadership and commitment, and in the still rising numbers of infections among those most traditionally neglected by the global HIV response, and now most threatened by new structures of marginalization.

It can be read in its entirety here.

Stay tunred: Science Speaks will cover AIDS 2018, the 22nd International AIDS Conference, live from Amsterdam, July 23-23.


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