TB High Level Meeting: U.S. announces $35 million for initiative to catalyze funding to eliminate TB

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Science Speaks is covering the United Nations High Level Meeting on Ending TB and side events this week.

New York – The U.S. Agency for International Development will reprogram $35 million of existing USAID funding to develop a new business model for catalyzing increased investments for the global tuberculosis response, USAID Administrator Mark Green announced here during the UN High Level Meeting on TB.

The Global Accelerator to End TB initiative will help countries develop and implement a performance-based measurement system to optimize public and private resources and better align with USAID’s TB funding and partner countries’ commitments, Green said at the event attended by Ministers of Health from South Africa, India, and other global health leaders.

“The Accelerator will focus on locally-generated solutions that tailor our TB response to patients in communities that are addressing stigma and discrimination,” Green said. “USAID will work directly with nearly 50 local entities within TB priority countries to provide accessible services, resulting in increased diagnosis and treatment success rates.”

USAID awarded $35 million to the University of North Carolina to develop and implement the performance-based measurement system. It is not clear which existing program USAID is diverting funding from to fund the new initiative.

Green also announced an additional $30 million to India to accelerate their TB response, contingent on Congress increasing funding for USAID’s TB program for fiscal year 2019. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to eliminate TB in India by 2025 – five years ahead of the global goal to end the epidemic – spurred the increased commitment, Green said.

“India’s drive to build their own approach to eliminate TB is a strong example of what USAID seeks to support: strong, independent partners that share our values and welcome our partnership,” he said.

Rabita Aziz is the Senior Global Health Policy Specialist at the Infectious Diseases Society of America and is representing IDSA (which produces this blog) at the United Nations High Level Meeting on Ending TB and related side events at the UN General Assembly this week.

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