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COVID 2020 Echo from 1633 Galileo’s ”Eppur si muove”

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(“And yet it moves”) Watch this space . . . Daniel Lucey, M.D. MPH, FIDSA, FACP, is an infectious diseases physician and adjunct professor of infectious diseases at Georgetown University Medical Center, a senior scholar at the Georgetown University O’Neil Institute, Anthropology Research Associate, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and a member of the Infectious […]

Science, not politics, must lead to COVID vaccine approvals

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Political pressure to speed the introduction of COVID vaccines threatens scientifically proven systems to protect public safety and research integrity The following is a guest post from Uché Blackstock, MD, Founder & CEO, Advancing Health Equity, and Mitchell Warren, Executive Director, AVAC COVID-19 has devastated communities and health systems around the world – but it […]