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Q&As with Experts

Video: Dr. Hesseling on opportunities to impact childhood TB crisis

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Anneke Hesseling, MD, of the Desmond Tutu TB Centre at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, visited the U.S. to attend the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 4th Annual Science of Dissemination and Implementation conference last week. While in town, she visited legislators on Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of global health funding, and gave a presentation to physician-scientists and advocates at the United Nations Foundation entitled “TB in Children: A Global Crisis and a South African Perspective.” Science Speaks had the opportunity to speak with her after the presentation regarding integrating TB and HIV testing and services, the potential impact of the Gene Xpert rapid TB test on children, and hot other topics.

A research agenda for TB

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Kevin M. DeCock, MD, director of the Center for Global Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), speaks with Science Speaks about the fight against TB. In his own words, “TB remains very important. Here are a few research priorities for TB, and I think you can classify the research in different ways: operational, developmental, and epidemiological. The first question, an operational one, is how do we best use antiretroviral drugs? If we use them to prevent HIV, that’s very important because we will also prevent HIV-associated TB. If we use them in people infected with HIV, the question is when do we start therapy? How early to give the best maximum TB prevention benefit? …

What’s next in TB: Expert Q&A with Dr. Peter Small of the Gates Foundation

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In the second of a two-part series with TB and HIV experts at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, John Donnelly speaks with Dr. Peter Small, who runs the tuberculosis program at the Gates Foundation, regarding his thoughts on recent developments in the field of TB control and treatment, including the promise of the Gene Xpert rapid TB diagnostic tool. Dr. Small is a member of the Stop TB Partnership’s Coordinating Board, has done extensive research in the genetic variability of tuberculosis, and is a global expert in TB epidemiology, biology and control.

Gates Foundation’s Dr. Bertozzi talks about what’s to come for HIV and TB

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In the first of a two-part series with TB and HIV experts at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Stefano Bertozzi, director of HIV and tuberculosis programs at the Foundation, gives his thoughts on what lies ahead this year in HIV and TB building on key developments from the past year and a half. In his role, Dr. Bertozzi oversees grants in HIV vaccine development, biomedical prevention research, diagnostics development and resistance monitoring, and strategies for introduction and scaling-up of interventions. He has held past leadership roles at UNAIDS, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) in Mexico.