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CROI 2019: Will the “Düsseldorf patient” make three — further propelling cure research?

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Five years after a stem cell transplant with the same critical factor as those received by the Berlin patient and the London patient, and four months after stopping antiretroviral treatment, a Düsseldorf man remains virally suppressed SEATTLE – Exemplifying both the caution and the optimism essential to HIV cure science, Dr. Björn-Erik Ole Jensen won’t […]

CROI 2019: The case of the London patient adds validation to one approach towards a cure

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SEATTLE – If you’re counting those in lasting remission from HIV, Dr. John Mellors of the University of Pittsburgh said here today, there’s been a doubling in their numbers. Now there are two. The dry tone of Mellor’s remarks, and the circumspect wording of Dr. Ravindra Gupta, the physician researcher of University College London, who he […]