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Cuba starts AIDS-free generation, Nigerian state launches oxymoronic HIV law, Mozambique sheds colonial homophobia — but has a way to go, and more . . . we’re reading about policies, health and human rights

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WHO validates elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphillis in Cuba . . . and Cuba validates universal health care . . . In 2013, two babies were born with HIV in Cuba, and five with syphilis, according to this announcement from the World Organization. Home to more than 11.2 million people, Cuba became […]

Report: Large gaps between “health rich” and “health poor,” mean big odds against children

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If you have easy access to health information, education, technologies, medicine and care to prevent illness, as well as to treatment when you do get sick, you are health rich. If all of those are out of your reach, you are health poor. And if you are health poor, your chances of surviving childhood are […]