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Uganda follows the U.S., while Gambia follows Uganda and none of that is good news . . . We’re reading about setting bad examples

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Criminalization threatens global progress against AIDS – Dr. Kenneth Mayer is a clinician and researcher who works in U.S. and global HIV responses, so he is in a good position to see patterns in successes and failures in both efforts. Here he explains how Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni could feel comfortable visiting the White House […]

Remembering Winstone Zulu, disability rights dealt a blow, World AIDS Day writings, and more

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Remembering Zambian Activist Winstone Zulu: This post from ACTION of the speech given at the unveiling of Winstone Zulu’s tombstone last week, is a timely reminder of the work the Zambian AIDS activist devoted more than half of his life to. Diagnosed with HIV in his twenties, Zulu is credited with being the first in […]

Blueprint: Dr. Kenneth Mayer on a menu of prevention in a global AIDS plan

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Dr. Kenneth Mayer provided care to people living with HIV since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and developed some of the first cohort studies and prevention interventions dealing with the epidemic. As the founding medical research director of Fenway Health, he created a health research program with an international reputation for its community-based peer-reviewed […]