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PEPFAR’s South Africa “transition”: Nearly 20 percent of patients went unaccounted for when care was transferred, study finds

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Survey finding gaps in care, records during transfer of patients from PEPFAR-supported program to community-based clinics comes as new report cites need for data The patients who went to the Sinikithemba HIV clinic at McCord Hospital in Durban for antiretroviral treatment knew the value of the care they received; they paid for it. In turn, […]

Short staffed Durban clinic raises question: What is the cost of waiting?

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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA— No one knows the cost of waiting better than the people of South Africa where government denial that HIV causes AIDS set back an appropriate response, including provision of life-saving medicine, by a decade at a cost of at least a third of a million lives. On the outskirts of Durban, in […]

Heading to Africa . . . we’ll send postcards and bring back stories

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Center for Global Health Policy staff will leave for a week in Zambia and South Africa tomorrow. Hosting four congressional staffers, we’re heading to two places hit hardest by HIV and tuberculosis: Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and Durban. Each country has important stories to tell about the impact of these health crises and the […]