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What we’re reading: Unprecedented Ebola challenges call for unprecedented responses, good investments and more

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Ebola Spreads Amid Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and U.S. Role Remains Limited – Spreading near national borders with control efforts impeded by ongoing violence, vandalism and distrust, the current Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the largest outbreak of the virus the country has seen, and the second largest […]

A call for sweeping reforms, the plagues to come, acknowledging the damage . . . we’re reading about what comes after Ebola

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The Ebola Outbreak in Liberia is Over – The World Health Organization’s declaration Saturday that Liberia is free of Ebola virus transmission includes a recounting of the epidemic there, including that its start was “deceptively slow.” It continues that the first week of April saw one confirmed case in the capital city, and goes on […]

CDC Global Health Security projects speed improvements to infectious disease responses

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MMWR reports: Six-month pilot efforts in Uganda, Vietnam brought measurable gains, pinpointed challenges Prompted by the emergence of new public health threats as well as the return of old ones in an era of unprecedented international trade and travel, the 2005 International Health Regulations established universal standards and systems to control infectious outbreaks worldwide. But, […]