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Studies show “Real World,” benefits of HIV treatment: It reduces likelihood of HIV transmission in communities, ups overall life expectancy

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First the landmark HPTN 052 study proved what antiretroviral treatment can do to prevent transmission of HIV. Now, two studies reported in the most recent edition of the journal Science spell out what increased treatment coverage has done, in communities in the “real world” — among people going about their business, not receiving instructions of […]

New Study On HIV Transmission and Breastfeeding Should Inform US Global Health Policy

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The link between HIV/AIDS and child and maternal health just got more inextricable. According to a study of HIV-positive mothers and babies in Zambia, published this week in Clinical Infectious Diseases, early weaning of uninfected infants more than doubled the risk of death among those children. The study suggests, in other words, that antiretroviral therapy […]