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Study finds more asymptomatic HIV patients staying in care than estimated; mortality of those untreated “not unsubstantial”

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A study released this week examining the outcomes of Ugandan patients considered “lost to follow-up” counters a widely held assumption that people entering care for HIV while still relatively healthy are not sufficiently motivated to follow medical directions and to remain in care. The study was released this week by Clinical Infectious Diseases with the self-explanatory […]

Study reveals effective preventive dose, pain drug for tuberculosis treatment, bad news and new steps in Uganda . . . and more

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New approaches to disease treatment and prevention, as well as failures in old approaches are part of what we’re reading this week . . .   NIH-Funded analysis estimates effective PrEP dosing for men who have sex with men: An analysis of data from the iPrEx study looked at the amount of the antiretroviral medicine […]

Ugandan Doctor Describes US Role in Fueling Homophobia & Deadly Implications

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Dr. Paul Semugoma, a Ugandan physician, just published this poignant perspective on the anti-gay movement in his native country, the US role in fostering that hostile climate, and the repercussions on efforts to fight HIV/AIDS and reach out to the vulnerable at-risk populations if the tide is not reversed. “Uganda is undergoing a crisis of homophobia,” he […]