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Birx, Farmer: Global AIDS lessons can inform, equip hepatitis response

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WASHINGTON, DC — Health leaders who gathered Wednesday at the White House to commemorate World Hepatitis Day agreed that recognition of the needless toll and continuing threat of that global, infectious and often deadly disease has been a long time coming. They also cited practical promise in the recent World Health Assembly Hepatitis Resolution that […]

World Hepatitis Day brings progress, setbacks, protests, and a petition

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Sunday is World Hepatitis Day, and publications, protests and petitions are highlighting issues surrounding an epidemic traditionally shrouded in silence that affects more than 500 million people worldwide. The good news comes with Prevention and Management of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among People Who Inject Drugs: Moving the Agenda Forward, a supplement to Clinical Infectious […]

ID Week: Awareness, treatment options, research needed to address HIV/Hepatitis B coinfection

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SAN DIEGO, CA- With liver disease the second leading killer of people living with HIV and one in every six HIV-positive people in resource-poor settings co-infected with Hepatitis B, efforts to increase awareness, screening, prevention, treatment access and research of effective treatments are needed, Dr. Chloe Thio told an audience at  ID Week, this morning. […]