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Looking for lasting impact, first Peace Corps Global Health Service Partnership volunteers work with medical school faculties in Africa

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After a career as cardiologist and teacher, Stephen Humphrey had retired  when he discovered first-hand the dire need for medical school instructors in a resource-poor country. A career as a registered nurse providing psychotherapy gave Nancy Remington a chance to see strides in treatment and acceptance of psychiatric illnesses. Then she saw a chance to […]

Cross-Continent Collaboration Seeks to Bolster Pediatric HIV Care

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When Gilbert Tene, a Rwandan pediatrician, first examined Joseph, the 9-month-old baby boy had acute pneumonia and severe failure to thrive. His short life had already been marked by repeated episodes of illness—fevers, diarrhea, coughs. He was severely malnourished, weighing only about 12 pounds, and could not sit steadily by himself. His diagnosis: advanced HIV […]

Aggressive New Approaches Needed on PMTCT

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This post is by Center Director Christine Lubinski, reporting from the 2009 IAS conference in Cape Town. Dramatic scale-up and innovative approaches are critically needed to improve prevention of mother-to-child transmission, Elaine Abrams, of Columbia University’s International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs, said at an IAS conference session on PMTCT today. In a […]