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Combining structural, biomedical, behavioral responses to HIV can make difference for those at highest risks, and least access to services

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Carlos Laudari had a splinter. He got it on his way to a lunch meeting at Pathfinder International’s Washington, DC office, and although he was looking forward to the talk over lunch, he told the group there, the splinter distracted him. Laudari uses a cane, is not a young man, and can surely put so […]

Dr. Robert Gallo on HIV, Polio, Influenza and why he started the Global Virus Network: “Humans have a memory span of 30 years, and I can prove it”

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Listening to Robert Gallo talk about viruses is a little like listening to your grandfather talk about how things have changed since he was a boy. He rambles, ruminates, digresses, is in no hurry, and you listen. It’s not just that Gallo, who pioneered the field of retrovirology at the National Institutes of Health with […]

Ambitious endgames, continued challenges assessed at global health briefing book launch

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Deaths from AIDS were peaking in Zambia in 1998, when Robert Clay arrived there. The epidemic there had been recorded for more than a decade, but the antiretroviral treatment that was saving livesfor the last two years in affluent countries, remained unavailable to Zambians. The house where Clay lived was on the road to the […]