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“I am no longer criminal . . . ” Following Uganda law dismissal, we’re reading responses and results

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In the wake of the major victory for public health and human rights that the nullification last week of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act represents, we’re reading the petition that got the law to court, responses from Uganda, and updates from other corners. Constitutional Petition NO. 08 of 2014 – In light of the Ugandan court’s ruling […]

Saving lives without a rai$e, physician scientist weighs in on proposed TB cut, TPP’s toxic side effects, Trans Populations and HIV, Uganda roundup . . . We’re reading about trade, trade-offs and failures to communicate

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Tell Congress to keep up the fight against AIDS! – The program that helped make sure a million babies were born HIV-free and put 6.7 million people on antiretroviral treatment that saves their lives and prevents transmission of HIV has gone half a decade without a raise, the organization ONE points out, as it launches […]