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Study asks: What if a “concentrated” HIV epidemic is bigger than 1 percent?

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In a “generalized HIV epidemic,” what if all transmission during sex work stopped? Call it a different kind of 1 percent — the kind that doesn’t connote privilege. In the definition that sets the course of HIV programming, an epidemic is considered “concentrated” among specific populations, (i.e. sex workers, people who inject drugs, and men […]

Statements and briefs bridge gap between what should be done and what must be done to turn the tide against AIDS together

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In the 12 months since the International AIDS Conference followed calls for an AIDS-free generation with a theme of “Turning the Tide Together,” two aspirational guides provided directions  for the way forward. First came the PEPFAR Blueprint, Creating an AIDS-free Generation , presented on the eve of the last World AIDS Day by then Secretary […]

UNAIDS strategy: Speed HIV treatment coverage, address gaps to reach “15 by 15”

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Remember 3 by 5? The intended ambitiousness of that goal, to supply lifesaving antiretroviral treatment to three million of the people globally who needed it by 2005, as well as the failure to reach, it said as much about the impact of years of neglect as it did about the world’s desire to make up […]