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Long-acting injectable HIV treatment shows promise in early study results

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A future of HIV treatment that doesn’t depend on daily dosing seemed to move a little closer today with an announcement that early findings show an injected combination of two antiretroviral medicines given monthly or every two months effective in controlling HIV among people whose virus was already suppressed. The findings come from the first […]

Injectable ARVs and PReP, viral load testing developments, questions on Global Funds in Nigeria and Uganda, we’re reading updates and more . . .

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AVAC’s latest PxWire – News at March’s Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections that monthly injections of antiretroviral drugs offered monkeys protection against vaginal and rectal HIV exposure paved the way for investigating if the approach would work for people too, and raised expectations that long-acting PReP, or pre-exposure prevention of HIV is possible, AVAC […]