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Nationwide, health experts, leaders, front-liners urge lawmakers: Let PEPFAR reach its goals!

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With the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief slated for a third consecutive funding cut under the Obama administration’s budget proposal for the coming year, 629 health professionals from across the United States signed onto letter sent to Congressional leaders today asking them to enable the 10-year-old program to achieve its purpose. “As physicians, scientists, […]

Holding the purse strings: new leaders’ global health stances run from strong to steady support

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“WE CAN BE FRUGAL WITHOUT BEING HEARTLESS,” MIKULSKI SAYS New leadership will guide the Senate Appropriations Committee, as it oversees how a likely dwindling pool of federal dollars are disbursed, and the Senate Budget Committee, as it oversees allotment of available amounts. With chairs hailing from two states that serve as headquarters to global health […]